1. The car device
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. The engine
5. Transmission
6. A running gear
7. A steering
8. Brake system
9. An electric equipment
10. A body
11. Variants of execution of the car
12. Care of the car
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
14.1. A good advice
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Appendices


14.1. A good advice

Before car delivery on car-care centre for the next servicing or repair:
– Wash up it, tidy up in salon and leave houses or in garage all superfluous: personal things, the tool, etc.;
– Consult with skilled motorists and familiarise with the corresponding literature on car repairs – at least approximately it is necessary to imagine character of malfunction and possible amount of works.
At car delivery on car-care centre accurately describe to the master-inspector malfunction symptoms (to define its true reason – a car-care centre problem). To be present at repair it is rather desirable, as the help at constantly arising small auxiliary operations and their coordination considerably accelerate process. So you can check process and quality of repair is better, but it is desirable to refrain from councils about a course of performance of work.
The list of necessary spare parts at repair and account materials is better for co-ordinating with the master performing work. The spare parts bought on the party, usually are cheaper, than given by service, but give to careless repairmen fine possibility to write off application of poor-quality spare parts or poor carried out repairs on the owner of the car. Consult to the master, and if he guarantees quality, spare parts are better for getting at it (especially it concerns the whole knots and units – at them various latent defects which can be revealed only at car operation are possible).
Carefully study the accounting presented to you in which normo-hours, their cost, a kind of the spent works, the list of spare parts with instructions of the prices, and also references to all price-lists used at calculation and standard documents should be specified. Necessarily ask the check or приходный the cash warrant.
At carrying out of big, technically difficult and expensive repair suggest to conclude the written contract. In the contract the order of giving of claims, a warranty period for the performed operations should be specified in repair. Thus conditions should correspond to the statutory act «Rules of granting of services in maintenance service and repair автомототранспортных means», confirmed by the governmental order of the Russian Federation from July, 24th, 1998 № К639, and not to contradict item 730-739 ГК the Russian Federation about household подряде. All it should be on hands at the client with an order or account copy. Do not forget to specify number of the licence or the certificate on registration with instructions of the exact legal address of car-care centre.
At poor-quality repair it is possible to make a complaint to firm according to the law «About protection of the rights of consumers». If guarantee period is not specified, the claim in written form is accepted within six months and if it will not satisfy within 10 days – safely bring an action. If orally to agree with service the administration is not possible and to accept the claim refuses (the document should be in duplicate; on the second, remaining with the client, should undersign in reception of the written claim), send its certified mail with the assurance of receipt and the investment inventory. When the given service refuses to eliminate lacks, it is possible to carry out repairs and in other place, and cost of works to include in the requirement about the indemnification with the appendix of financial documents and the certificate of examination with obligatory instructions that the breakage or malfunction reason – poor carried out repairs. Well and for judicial suit participation of the lawyer and the independent expert of you is desirable.
Works on periodic maintenance service are resulted in the service book applied on each car.

Table 14.1 Standard operations of maintenance service
The name of works
Periodicity, thousand in km
In addition everyone
To check up presence having chopped off, cracks and the centres of corrosion of a paint and varnish covering of a body, damages of mastic of arches of wheels and the bottom, work of locks of doors
To check up a condition of levers and bars of suspension brackets and them резинометаллических hinges; spherical support; hinges of steering draughts and a drive of forward wheels; protective rubber covers and caps; release buffers; a condition of rubber plugs; shock-absorbers
To check up люфт a steering wheel
To check up tightness of systems of cooling, a food, a hydraulic drive of brakes and coupling, ушфЁюѕёшыш# теля a steering; a condition of hoses, tubes and connections
To check up tightness of consolidations of knots and units
To check up liquid levels in tanks of the hydraulic booster of a steering, a hydrodrive of brakes and coupling and work of a signalling device of level in a tank of a hydrodrive of brakes
To check up level of a cooling liquid
To check up a condition and a tension of a belt of a drive of the generator
To check up a condition of the case of the storage battery, its fastening, level and electrolit density
To check up generator work, illumination, the light alarm system and control devices
To check up work of screen wipers, washers, heating of back glass, the electric drive of external rear-view mirrors, the electroproof-reader of headlights
To check up absence of extraneous knocks and noise in the engine, knots and transmission units
To check up a free wheeling of a pedal of coupling (for cars without automatic indemnification of deterioration of overlays in a coupling drive)
To check up an overall performance of forward and back brakes
To check up oil levels in a transmission, a distributing box, forward and back bridges
To check up oil level in картере the steering mechanism (for cars without the hydraulic booster)

To check up a condition of shock-absorbers and pillows of the stabilizer of cross-section stability

To check up adjustment of a lay brake and a free wheeling of a pedal of a brake

To check up working capacity of the vacuum amplifier of brakes and a pressure regulator

To tighten fastening of units, knots and chassis and engine details

To replace the gauge of concentration of oxygen

To replace filtering element of the air filter

To replace the fuel filter

To check up toxicity of the fulfilled gases
To replace the oil filter and oil in картере the engine
To replace oil in a transmission, a distributing box, forward and back bridges

To replace cooling liquid

To replace greasing and to adjust backlashes in bearings of naves of forward wheels

To replace greasing in шлицевых connections and bearings крестовин карданных shaft
To check up a condition колодок forward brakes
To check up a condition колодок back brakes

Отбалансировать wheels and to rearrange under the scheme
To adjust corners of installation of forward wheels

To replace spark plugs new

To smooth out a starter collector, to check up deterioration and прилегание brushes. To clear and grease details of a drive of a starter

To smooth out contact rings of the generator, to check up deterioration and прилегание brushes

To grease loops of doors, draught of a drive of the lock of the cowl, rubbing sites of the terminator of opening of doors,
The hinge and spring of a cover of the hatch of a fuel tank, cowl emphasis, keyholes of doors
To clear and grease clips and plugs of the storage battery

To clean drainage apertures of thresholds, doors
To adjust a direction of light bunches of headlights

To replace a brake liquid in systems of a hydrodrive of brakes and couplings
In 3 years

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