1. The car device
2. Recommendations about operation
2.1. Safety precautions regulations and recommendations
2.2. The tool and accessories
2.3. running the car
2.4. Car operation during the guarantee period
2.5. Car check before departure
2.6. Replacement of the filter of air arriving in salon
2.7. Using a jack
2.8. Car towage
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. The engine
5. Transmission
6. A running gear
7. A steering
8. Brake system
9. An electric equipment
10. A body
11. Variants of execution of the car
12. Care of the car
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Appendices


2.2. The tool and accessories

Now cars on manufacturer complete with is minimum possible set of the tool with which help it is possible to replace a wheel or the fused lamp only.

Fig. 2.1а. Tools and accessories

Fig. 2.1б. Spare parts

Therefore we recommend to hold always in the car following additional accessories, tools and spare parts (fig. 2.1а, 2.1б).

1 – the first aid first-aid set (automobile), confirmed by the order of Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of Russia № 325 from 20.08.96;
2 – wires for start-up of the engine from an external source;
3 – the fire extinguisher;
4 – a towing cable;
5 – the spare chamber (to insert it in tubeless the tyre at strong damage);
6 – a hammer;
7 – пассатижи;
8 – an assembly shovel;
9 – шинный the pump with a manometre;
10 – a set of the tool with special keys (candle, for stoppers of drain and bulk apertures). If it is not present:
– Two screw-drivers – крестовая and шлицевая;
– A set combined (or as a last resort рожковых) keys from «8» to «24»;
– A knife;
– Scissors;
– A candle key;
– A hammer of the average sizes;
11 – a sign on an emergency stop;
12 – a portable lamp.
Spare parts:
1 – a lamp of the index of turn;
2 – a stoplight lamp;
3 – the isolated wire in length about metre;
4 – a lamp headlights (passing light);
5 – a lamp headlights (headlight);
6 – a belt of a drive of the generator;
7 – a belt of a drive of the pump of the hydraulic booster of a steering;
8 – a lamp of the lateral index of turn;
9 – a set of safety locks;
10 – a hose for prorolling of hydrodrives;
11 – a high-voltage wire (longest);
12 – spark plugs (it is possible not new, but workers);
13 – the ignition module;
14 – the phase gauge;
15 – a bottle of a brake liquid;
16 – the electrogasoline pump relay;
17 – a zolotnik of the gate of the tyre.
The bottle of universal greasing of type WD-40 and plastic bottle of water of 1-2 l can be useful a hank изоляционной tapes. Absolutely not out of place will be special wires for «прикуривания» from the accumulator of other car and a notorious towing cable. Well and it is final, in the car there should be a serviceable spare wheel. We recommend, even if at you бескамерные tyres, to have one chamber of the corresponding size, to insert it into the tyre at too big damage. And to provide safety at lifting of the car by a jack, two emphasis under wheels in the form of wedges be required. Well and in the winter or at country trips it can be necessary and a small shovel.
In a long journey, especially if unfamiliar, it is necessary to count a route only on itself and spare parts in a luggage carrier. The full list of necessary spare parts, the tool and account materials which can be useful is more low resulted. You can change they be to reduce or increase for own reasons. But even if you are not able to repair at all the car, do not reduce quantity of spare parts or the tool. In an emergency situation can stop passing car or to address on any motor depot or roadside car-care centre, and there this spare part or the tool it can not appear, and in shop of spare parts – the day off.
Going to a long journey, in addition grasp:
1. An additional set of the tool:
– The big hammer;
– Screw-drivers шлицевые and крестовые three sizes – small, average and big (power);
– A chisel;
– A set of heads from «8» to «32» with extension pieces of 125 and 250 mm, воротком, a rattle and карданом (domestic, European or American manufacture);
– A key for prorolling of brakes and a thin hose in length of 15-20 sm;
– A drill with a set of drills;
ножовка on metal;
– A file with a notch of the average size;
– An additional assembly shovel;
– A clamp;
– A hank of a knitting wire;
– A piece of a dense cardboard for manufacturing of linings;
– Some screw collars of different diameter;
– A piece наждачного cloths.
2. A support under a jack – wooden брусок 40х250х250 mm. A support (type «козелок») for work under the car.
3. The engine oil canister (in packing 1 or 4). And on 1000 km of run for new, done not pass обкатку the car take 4 l, for the past of 50 000 km – 1 l, the last 100 000 km – 2 l, with run over 100 000 km – 4 l.
4. The canister of antifreeze of 1 l (in the winter – 5).
5. A bottle of a brake liquid.
6. A tube of greasing Litol-24.
7. The canister about 10 l of gasoline.
8. A funnel.
9. A hose for a gasoline modulation.
10. An additive in fuel for increase октанового numbers (at the rate on two full refuellings).
11. Means for removal of bitumen stains from a body.
12. Means for removal from a windscreen of the stuck insects.
13. A special set for repair бескамерных tyres without разбортовки or hermetic for wheels.
14. At least one brush of a screen wiper.
15. The ignition coil.
16. The complete set of new candles.
17. Some high-voltage wires (it is better long).
18. The checked up thermostat.
19. The checked up gauge of inclusion of the electrofan.
20. Benzomaslostojky hermetic ("Germesil" or analogues).
21. Ремкомплект for repair of the muffler.
22. The complete set of spare lamps (half of all lamps established on the car, with an exception repeating).
23. New brake pad (on two pieces for disk and drum-type brakes).
24. The complete set of coupling springs колодок drum-type brakes (on one brake mechanism).
25. Brake hoses (on the car there are hoses of the different sizes – on one everyone).
26. Pair of nuts of fastening of a wheel.
27. A box with bolts, nuts and washers (on 2–3 pieces from М5 to М10), and also with шплинтами.
28. In the WINTER – размораживатель glasses and «a liquid key» for locks.
29. In the WINTER – chains противоскольжения or a sand sack.
30. A wide transparent adhesive tape (for repair of hoses and the broken glasses).
31. A lantern on batteries or accumulators and the spare complete set of batteries to it.
32. A roulette (can be useful in case of road accident).
33. A box of matches, топорик.
34. A strong cord or a cord.
35. Cotton working gloves.
36. Something from working clothes.
37. Means for clearing of hands.
38. A rug for work under car.
39. A soft pencil, some sheets of paper or a notebook.

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