1. The car device
1.1. The general data on cars
1.2. Nameplate data
1.3. Car keys
1.4. Controls
1.5. Heating and salon ventilation
1.6. Doors
1.7. Seat belts
1.8. Adjustment of position of forward seats
1.9. Adjustment of position of a steering wheel
1.10. Rear-view mirrors
1.11. Salon illumination
1.12. Protivosolnechnye peaks
1.13. A cowl
1.14. Control levers transmission
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. The engine
5. Transmission
6. A running gear
7. A steering
8. Brake system
9. An electric equipment
10. A body
11. Variants of execution of the car
12. Care of the car
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Appendices


1.5. Heating and salon ventilation

Fig. 1.8. The panel of devices and controls

Fig. 1.13. Controls heating and salon ventilation: 1 – nozzles обдува glasses of forward doors; 2 – an air line обдува a windscreen; 3 – the top nozzles; 4 – a regulator of additional giving of air through the top nozzles; 5 – lateral nozzles; 6 – the central nozzles; 7 – the lever of adjustment of a direction of a stream of air; 8 – the handle of a regulator of intensity of a stream of air; 9 – the switch of electroheating of glass of a door of a back; 10 – the switch of modes of the fan of a heater; 11 – a regulator of temperature of submitted air; 12 – a regulator of distribution of streams of air; 13 – a regulator of giving of external air

External air can arrive in salon through windows of doors at the lowered glasses and an air inlet located before a windscreen and supplied depending on a complete set with the filter of catching of a dust, clearing air arriving in salon from a dust, a soot, pollen of plants, etc. Air arriving in salon through an air inlet, passes through a heater. Depending on position of handles of regulators of the block 12 (fig. 1.8 see) managements of heating and ventilation in car salon arrives either warmed up, or cold air. The arrangement of controls is shown by heating and ventilation on fig. 1.13.

Salon ventilation
In extreme left position of the lever of a regulator 13 (fig. 1.13) external air can arrive in car salon:
– Through air lines 2 обдува a windscreen and a nozzle 1 обдува glasses of forward doors if to establish the handle of a regulator 12 in position;
– Through lateral 5 and the central 6 nozzles if the handle of a regulator 12 to translate in position.

Handles of regulators 8 regulate intensity of giving of air through lateral and central nozzles position change заслонок in nozzles up to their full closing. At the specified position of the handle of a regulator 12 at opened заслонке nozzles 4 provide with a regulator additional giving of air through the top nozzles 3;
– Through the bottom nozzles located in the console of the panel of devices, in a zone of feet of the driver and the forward passenger if the handle of a regulator 12 is in position.
At turn by levers of 7 directing shovels lateral and central snuffled the direction of an air stream varies.
For increase in giving of air in salon include the switch handle 10 one their four modes of the fan of a heater.
Moving of the lever of a regulator 13 include a mode рециркуляции. In this mode giving of external air that accelerates salon warming up during winter time stops. This mode also can be useful in summertime, for example, at journey of a tunnel or at movement in a stopper to a hit exception in salon of air sated with fulfilled gases.

       THE NOTE
It is not recommended to use constantly a mode рециркуляции as humidity of air in salon in this case raises that causes intensive запотевание glasses.

Protection of glasses from запотевания and elimination наледи
For protection of a windscreen and glasses of doors from запотевания it is enough to direct to summertime on them cold air. For this purpose establish the handle
Regulator 12 in position, and the lever of a regulator 13 – in extreme left position.
For elimination наледи on glasses it is necessary to direct on them the warmed-up air for what in addition establish the handle of a regulator 11 in a zone noted by red colour, and if necessary include a corresponding operating mode of the fan of a heater.
For protection of glass of a door of a back from запотевания and обмерзания include its electroheating by the switch 9.

Salon heating
Temperature of air submitted to salon, regulate, changing position of the handle of a regulator 11, and intensity of its giving – handles of the switch of 10 operating modes of the fan. After removal наледи from a windscreen and from glasses of forward doors rotation of the handle of a regulator 12 choose a desirable direction of giving of air in salon:
– Through lateral and central nozzles at opened заслонках snuffled;
– In the bottom part of salon. Besides, if a regulator 4 it is opened заслонка additional giving of air, in position of the handle of a regulator 12 air stream moves through nozzles 3 in the top part of salon.
For acceleration of warming up of salon on the standing car the handle 13 include a mode рециркуляции. At movement a mode рециркуляции disconnect, as it leads запотеванию glasses.

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