1. The car device
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. The engine
5. Transmission
6. A running gear
7. A steering
8. Brake system
9. An electric equipment
10. A body
10.1. Features of a design
10.2. Removal and installation of lobbies Lockers
10.3. Removal and installation of forward wings
10.4. Removal and installation of decorative overlays on forward wings and doors
10.5. Replacement of buffers
10.6. Removal and installation of facing of a radiator
10.7. Removal and cowl installation
10.8. Removal, installation and adjustment of the lock and a drive of the lock of a cowl
10.9. A back door
10.10. Forward doors
10.11. Back doors
10.12. Removal and installation of a cover of the hatch of a fuel tank
10.13. Seats
10.14. Removal of upholsteries of salon
10.15. Replacement of seat belts
10.16. Mirrors
10.17. Replacement противосолнечных peaks
10.18. Replacement of hand-rail
10.19. Removal and installation of facing of a tunnel of a floor
10.20. Removal and installation of the panel of fastening of a radio receiver
10.21. Removal and installation of the panel of devices
10.22. A heater
10.23. Replacement of a windscreen and glasses of a door of a back and боковины
10.24. Care of a body
10.25. Anticorrosive protection of a body
10.26. Possible malfunctions of a body, their reason and ways of elimination
11. Variants of execution of the car
12. Care of the car
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Appendices


10.23. Replacement of a windscreen and glasses of a door of a back and боковины

In drawings it is shown, how establish glasses on manufacturer, therefore the thickness of a seam and some other parametres can differ from the data specified in the instruction to a set for an insert of glasses.
Also there can be insignificant distinctions in instructions to sets of different manufacturers.
In this connection at performance of the given operation be guided by the instruction to the set got by you.

Fig. 10.4. The scheme of installation of a windscreen: 1 – facing; 2 – a windscreen fringing; 3 – a windscreen; 4 – a glutinous seam; 5 – a forward rack; 6 – a forward cross-beam of the panel of a roof; 7 – an adjusting wedge; 8 – the sizes of the platen of glue to приклейки glasses

Fig. 10.5. The scheme of installation of glass боковины: 1 – the fringing has flown down боковины; 2 – window glass боковины; 3 – the platen of glue to приклейки glasses; 4 – a window framework боковины

Fig. 10.6. The scheme of installation of glass of a door of a back:
1 – a back door; 2 – a fringing of glass of a window of a back;
3 – a glutinous seam; 4 – glass of a window of a back; 5 – the panel of a door of a back; 6 – the sizes of the platen of glue before glass installation

So the set for an insert of glasses looks. The set consists of a tuba with glue, a tip of a tuba, the activator/cleaner and a first coat.

It be required to you: a set for an insert of glasses, a steel string, a sharp knife.
1. Lower glasses of forward doors.
2. Remove upholsteries of forward racks («Removal of upholsteries of salon» see).
3. Turn out screws of fastening and...
4.... Remove an insert of the panel of devices.
5. Remove a facing overlay of a wind window and screen wiper levers (Removal, installation and repair of a screen wiper of a wind window »see«).
6. Remove a fringing of a windscreen and carefully clear. If the fringing is damaged or has lost elasticity, replace it.
7. Remove a fringing of an overlay of a windscreen.

For removal of the pasted glass it is convenient to take advantage of a steel string.

8. Pierce a glutinous seam the pointed tool (for example, шилом) and stretch in an aperture a string.
9. For convenience of the further work on the string ends it is possible to fix wrenches which will serve as handles.
10. Saw a string a glutinous seam on all perimetre of glass (for performance of this operation the assistant is required to you).
11. Remove glass from the car.

Observe safety measures at work with glass. If glass is damaged, it can unexpectedly collapse.

12. Cut off an old seam, leaving a thin layer of glue (1,0–2,0 mm).
13. Establish a fringing on new glass.
14. Put the activator/cleaner on edge of glass and a window aperture on all perimetre.
15. Put a ground on perimetre of glass and...
16.... A window aperture. Do not put a ground on the rests of old glue!
17. In regular intervals put glue on a window aperture (a thickness of a layer of 0,5 sm) and...
18.... On glass perimetre.
19. Establish glass in gathering with a fringing on the car, establishing by means of adjusting wedges uniform backlashes on window perimetre. Press and fix glass by means of a painting adhesive tape not to admit its displacement downwards. The period of polymerisation of glue makes not less than two-three hours.
During this time the car should not be exposed to any external influences. Even sharp closing of a door can lead to increase of pressure of air in salon and, as consequence, to a glass separation. Operation of the car after a glass insert is desirable for beginning not earlier than through 24 ч.
20. Glass of a door of a back and glass боковины replace similarly.

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