1. The car device
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. The engine
5. Transmission
6. A running gear
7. A steering
8. Brake system
9. An electric equipment
9.1. Features of a design
9.2. Safety locks and the relay
9.3. The generator
9.4. Possible malfunctions of the generator, their reason and ways of elimination
9.5. A starter
9.6. Possible malfunctions of a starter, their reason and ways of elimination
9.7. The switch (lock) of ignition
9.8. Replacement and service of spark plugs
9.9. A control system of the engine
9.10. Illumination, the light and sound alarm system
9.11. Possible malfunctions of illumination and the light alarm system, their reason and ways of elimination
9.12. Screen wipers
9.13. Possible malfunctions of a screen wiper of a windscreen, their reason and ways of elimination
9.14. Removal and installation of a washer of a windscreen
9.15. Removal and installation of a washer of glass of a door of a back
9.16. The electric motor of the fan of a heater
9.17. Possible malfunctions of the electric motor of the fan of a heater, their reason and ways of elimination
9.18. The electric motor of the fan of system of cooling of the engine
9.19. A combination of devices
9.20. Possible malfunctions of control devices, their reasons and ways of elimination
9.21. Replacement of the block of switches of the proof-reader of headlights and свещения devices
9.22. Replacement of the switch of the alarm system
9.23. Replacement подрулевого the switch
9.24. Replacement of gauges and switches
9.25. Электростеклоподъемники forward doors
9.26. System of blocking of locks of doors
9.27. A heating system of glass of a door of a back
9.28. Automobile anticreeping system (АПС)
10. A body
11. Variants of execution of the car
12. Care of the car
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Appendices


9.8. Replacement and service of spark plugs

The special key for a reversing of spark plugs is required to you.
1. Remove tips of high-voltage wires from candles.
2. Clear of a dirt a candle and a place round it that at a candle reversing the dirt has not got to the cylinder.
3. By means of a special key turn out candles from a head of the block of cylinders.
4. Examine candles. If on insulators there are cracks, the carving or electrodes is damaged, it is necessary to replace candles. The Light brown deposit in regular intervals covering a thermal cone of an insulator of a candle by a thin layer, does not influence work of system of ignition and it can to be cleaned off. Absence of a deposit on a candle testifies or to engine work on the impoverished mix, or about discrepancy of mark of a candle to engine type. The brilliant black deposit testifies to oil hit in the engine cylinder. Such candle should be cleared. The Brick-red touch testifies to presence in gasoline of excessive quantity of antidetonation ferriferous additives (ферроценов). Such touch practically is not deleted and электропроводен that leads to admissions искрообразования. The candles covered with this touch, it is necessary to replace, and then to replace a place of refuelling by gasoline.

       THE NOTE
More in detail the estimation of a condition of candles and the reasons causing them of malfunction, are described in section 3 «Malfunctions in a way».

5. Check up a backlash between candle electrodes. The backlash should be 1,00–1,15 mm.

       THE NOTE
Backlash check only round щупом. In due course on a lateral electrode as a result of erosion there is a dredging, and backlash check flat щупом will not give correct result.

6. If the backlash differs from specified, adjust it, turning in a lateral electrode.

Categorically it is forbidden to regulate a backlash подгибанием the central electrode. The slightest bend of this electrode will inevitably lead to damage of an insulator and to a candle exit out of operation.

7. At installation of candles wrap them at first against the stop a hand, and then tighten a key. Do not exceed the moment of an inhaling specified in enc. 1.

Times when question «What candles to buy have sunk into the past?» It was irrelevant and it was possible to get only domestic and only that model, as on the car. Now on counters a huge choice of candles almost all foreign manufacturers. And, naturally, «самопальщики» have there and then started them to forge.
Not to buy such candles, first of all pay attention to packing – quality of polygraphy at the present manufacturers faultlessly, and at counterfeit contours of drawings often do not coincide. If packing is not present in general, the further survey of candles is not meaningful – firm candles without it do not happen. Then examine candles.
The central electrode should have the accurate cylindrical form, and its surface should be absolutely smooth. If on an electrode there are defects and the more so it is crookedly established – before you a fake. The lateral electrode at a counterfeit candle often too is welded crookedly, and its sides slanting. At firm candles a carving make накаткой, therefore it absolutely smooth. At counterfeit it is cut and has small сколы. It is impossible to remove a sealing ring of the present candle. At counterfeit it or is screwed together on a carving, or easily acts in film. An insulator of the present candle absolutely smooth and shining. At counterfeit longitudinal seams are often visible from is inexact the joined compression mould. And, at last, the inscription on an insulator should be accurate, equal and accurate. And the last – the present firm candles cannot be cheap.
Too low price should guard you.
Sometimes at intensive dispersal with engine "promotion" almost to the maximum turns there are the sharp jerks perceived as blows. Spark plugs though check пьезотестером ("pistol") speaks about their serviceability are guilty.
The reason in that candles lose in due course tightness and normally working at small and average loadings a candle at a high pressure in combustion chambers gives ignition admissions. Therefore it is not recommended to maintain a candle without replacement of more 15 thousand in km.

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