1. The car device
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. The engine
5. Transmission
6. A running gear
7. A steering
8. Brake system
9. An electric equipment
9.1. Features of a design
9.2. Safety locks and the relay
9.3. The generator
9.4. Possible malfunctions of the generator, their reason and ways of elimination
9.5. A starter
9.6. Possible malfunctions of a starter, their reason and ways of elimination
9.7. The switch (lock) of ignition
9.8. Replacement and service of spark plugs
9.9. A control system of the engine
9.10. Illumination, the light and sound alarm system
9.11. Possible malfunctions of illumination and the light alarm system, their reason and ways of elimination
9.12. Screen wipers
9.13. Possible malfunctions of a screen wiper of a windscreen, their reason and ways of elimination
9.14. Removal and installation of a washer of a windscreen
9.15. Removal and installation of a washer of glass of a door of a back
9.16. The electric motor of the fan of a heater
9.17. Possible malfunctions of the electric motor of the fan of a heater, their reason and ways of elimination
9.18. The electric motor of the fan of system of cooling of the engine
9.19. A combination of devices
9.20. Possible malfunctions of control devices, their reasons and ways of elimination
9.21. Replacement of the block of switches of the proof-reader of headlights and свещения devices
9.22. Replacement of the switch of the alarm system
9.23. Replacement подрулевого the switch
9.24. Replacement of gauges and switches
9.25. Электростеклоподъемники forward doors
9.26. System of blocking of locks of doors
9.27. A heating system of glass of a door of a back
9.28. Automobile anticreeping system (АПС)
10. A body
11. Variants of execution of the car
12. Care of the car
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Appendices


9.5. A starter

Features of a design

Fig. 9.7. A starter 5722.3708: 1 – a collector; 2 – a back cover; 3 – the case статора; 4 – the traction relay; 5 – a relay anchor; 6 – a cover from outside a drive; 7 – the lever; 8 – a lever arm; 9 – a sealing lining; 10 – a planetary gear wheel; 11 – a drive gear wheel; 12 – the cover loose leaf; 13 – a restrictive ring; 14 – a drive shaft; 15 – обгонная муфта; 16 – поводковое a ring; 17 – a support of a shaft of a drive with the loose leaf; 18 – a gear wheel with internal gearing; 19 – drove; 20 – the central gear wheel; 21 – a support of a shaft of an anchor; 22 – a constant magnet; 23 – an anchor; 24 – щеткодержатель; 25 – a brush

Type 5722.3708 starter (fig. 9.7) represents the electric motor of a direct current with excitation from the constant magnets, combined with a planetary reducer and with electromagnetic двухобмоточным the traction relay.
Covers 2, 6 and the case 3 статора are pulled together by two hairpins. The shaft of an anchor 23 rotates in two ceramic-metal loose leaves established in a cover 2 and support 21. In the case статора four constant magnets 22 are fixed.
Rotation from a shaft of an anchor 23 is transferred to a shaft 14 drives through a planetary reducer which consists of the central gear wheel 20, three planetary gear wheels 10, drove 19 and gear wheels 18 with internal gearing. Planetary gear wheels rotate on needle bearings.

Fig. 9.8. The scheme of connections of a starter: 1 – a starter; 2 – the storage battery; 3 – the generator; 4 – the ignition switch

The scheme of connections of a starter is shown on fig. 9.8. At inclusion of a starter pressure from the storage battery 2 through the switch of ignition 4 moves on both windings of the traction relay of a starter (involving II and keeping I). After short circuit of contacts of the traction relay the involving winding is disconnected.

Starter technical characteristics
Rated power, кВ
Consumed current strength at the maximum capacity, And, no more
Consumed current strength in the braked condition, And, no more
Consumed current strength idling, And, no more

To avoid many malfunctions of a starter, at its operation observe a number of simple rules.
At engine start-up include a starter no more than on 10-15 with and repeatedly – through 20–30 with. Continuous long work of a starter can lead to an overheat of windings of an anchor and статора. If after three attempts the engine is not started up, it is necessary to check up and eliminate malfunctions in the power supply system of the engine or in ignition system.
After engine start-up immediately switch off a starter as long rotation of a gear wheel of a drive by a flywheel can lead to jamming обгонной муфты a starter.
It is not supposed to move the car by means of a starter. It causes its considerable overload and damage.

Removal and starter installation
1. Disconnect a wire from the plug "minus" of the storage battery.
2. Turn out three bolts of fastening of a starter to картеру couplings.
3. Turn out a bolt of the bottom fastening back распорки an inlet pipe and take away распорку aside.
4. Accurately, not to overwind a wire, remove a starter.
5. Disconnect колодку with a wire from the plug of the traction relay.
6. Shift a protective cover...
7.... Turn away a nut of fastening and remove a wire from a contact bolt of the traction relay of a starter.
8. Remove a starter from the car.
9. Establish a starter in an order, the return to removal.

Dismantling, дефектовка and starter assemblage
It be required to you: keys «on 8», «on 10», screw-drivers with a crosswise and flat edge, nippers for removal of lock rings.
1. Remove a starter from the car (Removal and starter installation »see«).
2. Turn away a nut and...
3.... Disconnect the plug of a wire of "positive" brushes from a contact bolt.
4. Turn out two bolts of fastening of the traction relay and...
5.... Remove the relay. Pay attention to a lining, do not forget to establish it at assemblage.
6. Take out an anchor of the traction relay, having raised it upwards that the anchor loop has acted in film from the lever.
7. Turn on two nuts of coupling hairpins.
8. Uncover from outside a drive with a reducer and a drive in gathering.
9. Hook a screw-driver and...
10.... Take out a reducer with a drive from a cover.
11. Remove a sealant from the drive lever. The damaged or strongly worn out sealant replace.
12. Remove from axes drove three planetary gear wheels of a reducer. Examine gear wheels, in case of damage of their teeths replace gear wheels.
13. Bring down a restrictive ring from a lock ring by means of approaching send.
14. By means of special nippers or...
15.... Having hooked a screw-driver...
16.... Remove a lock ring, and then restrictive.
17. Remove a drive in gathering with the lever.
18. Remove a lock ring from the lever.
19. Remove the lever with поводковым a ring and a washer.
20. Remove a lock ring of a gear wheel with internal gearing.
21. Remove a washer and a shaft support.
22. Remove a gear wheel with internal gearing.
23. Remove the central gear wheel from an anchor shaft.
24. Examine a gear wheel. In case of strong deterioration or breakage of teeths of a gear wheel replace it.
25. Take out two coupling hairpins.
26. Hook a screw-driver and...
27.... Remove a support of a shaft of an anchor.
28. Pay attention, on an anchor shaft the washer is established.
29. Take out an anchor in gathering with щеткодержателем from the case статора.
30. Unbend clamps of springs of brushes and...
31.... Take out springs.
32. Remove from an anchor shaft a back cover in gathering with щеткодержателем.
33. Examine an anchor. If the collector 1 is polluted or on it there are risks, traces подгорания, etc., прошлифуйте a collector a small glass skin. At a considerable roughness of a collector or выступании micas between its plates (ламелями) pierce a collector on a lathe and then прошлифуйте a small glass skin. Palpation of the core concerning shaft pins should not exceed 0,08 mm. Otherwise replace an anchor. At detection on a shaft of 2 anchors of a yellow touch from the bearing remove its small skin. If on surfaces of pins and шлицев a shaft there are teases, забоины, replace an anchor. Check up reliability of the soldering of conclusions of a winding of 3 anchors to collector plates. Examine a winding on anchor end faces, diameter of a winding should be less diameter of a package of iron of an anchor. Otherwise an anchor replace.
34. Examine щеткодержатель. Check up ease of moving of brushes in directing щеткодержателя. They should move without jamming, and itself щеткодержатель should not have damages.
35. Check up мегомметром or by means of a lamp fed with a voltage of 220 V, whether there is no short circuit of a winding of an anchor on weight.
36. Check up, whether there are no short circuits between sections of a winding of an anchor or collector plates, whether there are breakages in a place припайки no conclusions of sections of a winding to collector plates.
37. Turn out two screws and...
38.... Remove щеткодержатель from a cover from outside a collector.
39. Remove plugs of brushes and...
40.... Take brushes.
41. Remove the connecting tyre.
42. Examine the connecting tyre. If necessary replace it.
43. Collect a starter in return sequence. Before assemblage grease teeths of a gear wheel of a drive with engine oil, screw шлицы a drive shaft, teeths of a gear wheel with internal gearing, planetary gear wheels and шлицы a rotor shaft – консистентной greasing (ЦИАТИМ-201,-202,-203 or Litol-24).

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